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Office and household furniture
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ACRYL is a stable and reliable brand of professionals.

We create products of highest standard and quality with the latest European equipment. A well-thought out production cycle allows you to keep production in check at all times. We use only high quality materials and conduct regular tests of finished goods. Technologists and analysts are working non-stop to uphold the balance between price and quality while keeping the production safe and diverse. We are proud of our team that knows and loves their job.

Advantages of the ACRYL

  • A wide range of goods. Our furniture production offers different types of furniture for public and personal use. It is possible to manufacture furniture according to your own custom design.
  • High quality. We cooperate only with the best suppliers and select only high-quality materials for our furniture.
  • Innovations. We always strive to improve our production methods, the technical characteristics and quality of products, and constantly modernize production.

Why choose ACRYL?

Thanks to our supplier network and large production, the cost of our products remains competitive, while the quality is always consistently high. A flexible discount system makes our prices even better!
We use only the best materials from reliable suppliers in our furniture. That, combined with the latest technologies, allows us to produce functional, reliable, ergonomic furniture that meets the highest standards.
We always monitor and implement the latest and most successful innovations in furniture production, as well as developing our own tricks in creating the best product available on the market.
Our catalogue is extensive and will be relevant for public and personal use. In addition to standard models, it is possible to manufacture furniture according to your own custom design.
Cheap, simple, and functional furniture on a metal frame has been popular for many years. Such furniture will not break and will keep being useful and comfortable for a long time. It is perfect for both public and personal use.



+7 (981) 864-09-55

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